Classic 28 zł

Scrambled eggs (from two eggs), ham, cheese, jam, tomato, cucumber, bread, butter

Vege 28 zł

White cheese, cereals, milk or natural yoghurt, honey, tomato, chives, bread, butter

Polish 28 zł

Sausages (2 pieces), cream cheese, sliced meats, tomato, cucumber, bread, butter

European 28 zł

Frankfurters, cheese, tomato, cucumber, pickles, bread, butter

Cottage cheese with cream and chives 15 zł

Tomatoes with cream and onion 10 zł

Pancakes with cheese and jam 15 zł

Hot sausages (3 pieces) 12 zł

Hot Frankfurters (3 pieces) 13 zł

Scrambled eggs on butter (from three eggs) 15 zł

Scrambled eggs with ham (from three eggs) 16 zł

Scrambled eggs (with sausage and onion) 19 zł

Fried eggs with bacon 20 zł