Roasted duck breast 56 zł

Served with potato puree, caramelized beetroot, roasted apple with cranberries and orange sauce

Pork chop 38 zł

Served with cooked potatoes and set of salads

De volaille 40 zł

Served with fries and set of salads

Pork liver with onion 29 zł

Served with cooked potatoes and pickled cucumber

Pork tenderloins 49 zł

Grilled pork tenderloin baked in French pie with boletus mushroom sauce, baked potatoes, fried cabbage or beans with bacon

Potato pancake with stew 43 zł

Pork ham stew cooked with onion, champignons, and pepper served in a traditional potato pancake with set of salads

Chicken breast fillet 38 zł

Served with fried potato wedges and set of salads with vinaigrette sauce

Beef tenderloin steak 85 zł

Grilled beef tenderloin marinated in red wine with green pepper sauce with cooked vegetables and baked potatoes

Beef cheeks 59 zł

Stewed beef cheeks served with pearl barley and stewed red cabbage