Beetroot carpaccio 29 zł

Thin slices of pepper-marinated beetroot with brine cheese and roasted almonds, Schwarzwald ham, balsamico sause and olive oil

Beef tartar (100g) 56 zł

Served with chopped onion, pickled cucumber, and marinated caper apples, bread, butter

Greek salad 32 zł

Lettuce, fresh vegetables, olives, feta chese, vinaigrette sauce

Grilled chicken salad 33 zł

Lettuce, fresh vegetables, toasts, grilled chicken

Dumplings with meet (cooked or toasted) 27 zł zł

6 traditional Polish dumplings with meet and cabbage

Marinated piri-piri peppers 60g 10 zł

Marinated chilli cherry peppers 100g 10 zł

Marinated caper apples 100g 10 zł